Leongatha art and photography show

Winners between 1982 and 2002 were acquired by the Rotary Club and are on loan to the Leongatha Hospital, Woorayl Lodge, the Historical Society, Council Offices and the Library. They can be seen on display in these premises.

Year Entry and artist Judge
 1982  Clear Day, Port Campbell, Walter Magilton  Mrs. Palma Kaali-Nagi
 1983  Bushfire Series, Gary Miles  Margery Fitzgerald
 1984  Box Thorns, Sorrento, John McQualter  Kathryn Ballard
 1986  White Clay, Lois Raeburn  Shirley Bourne
 1987  Towards Leongatha, Harris Smith  Ern Trembath
 1988  Billy Tea, Red Hill, Robert T. Miller  Robert T. Miller
 1989  Holy Island, Limerick, Alan Martain  Walter Magilton
 1990  Old Gums at Maindample, Ern Trembath  Colin Johnson
 1991  Watson's Bay, Sydney, Hongbin Zhao  Ted Berry
 1992  At The Wharf, Eden, Marie Weeks  Paul Margocsy
 1993  On The Shelf, Jan Barnett  Di King
 1994  Flowers and Cumquats, Paul McDonald-Smith  John Mutsaers
 1995  Flinders Ranges, Ramon Horsfield  Paul McDonald-Smith
 1996  Grand Veterans of the Flinders Ranges, Walter Magilton  Ramon Horsfield
 1997  Bright Morning, Mt. Buffalo, Kevin Kermond  Alan Sartori
 1998  Morning in the Gardens, Kevin Taylor  John Duncan-Firth
 1999  Pumpkins, Pots and Cloths, Lorraine Burns  Kevin Taylor
 2000  Beach, Ji Chen  Bob Pelchen
 2001  Country Wide, Malcolm Webster     Garry Miles
 2002  Keefers Boat Shed, Rod Rowbottom  Julie Adams
 2003  Pomegranates, Joan Denner  Kerry Anne Sullivan
 2004  Prelude, Helen Edwards  Ted Berry
 2005  Flowerdale, Malcolm Webster  Geoff Paynter
 2006  Tide Out, David Chen  Warren Curry
 2007  Nude, David Chen  Malcolm Beatie
 2008  Little Honesty, Joan Denner  Michael Goff
 2009  Patterned Torso, Kerry Spokes  Sacha Zoe Lamont
 2010  Dune Shadows Bass Coast, Adrian Johnson  Jeremy Barrett
 2011  Horse Power, Jan Long  Ron Muller
 2012  Red Tailed Blacks, Vida Pearson  Fiona West
 2013  Celebration #1, Yianni Banikos  Maria-Luisa Marino
 2014  Still Life with Drinks, Glen Hoyle  Simon Gregg
 2015 Sweet Still Life , Glen Hoyle  Simon Gregg
2016 Tangerine, Rhonda Gray Shelley McDermott
2017 Summer memories inverloch Maureen Harris-Smith